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Balsam stated in tin containers, all of which covered 3, 4, 8 or 10 g of the medicine. We have also noted that it helps lively to avoid scratching due to mosquito bites, only place a tiny quantity of Fantastic Legend Product around the area that was damaged. Insect Attacks, Bug Bites - Gold Legend Cream works good against bug bites, implement a tiny quantity around the insect bite. Golden Star Product is just an ideal alternative for other gels for insect bites along with typical insect bite creams like Fenistil, Anthisan.

Vietnam used Regulations on Drugstore in 2005 but after a decade, it is no exaggeration to review the pharmaceutical industry to some male. Vietnam has up to 180 pharmaceutical flowers, that international production procedures are met by greater than two thirds but just run at 1 / 2 vietnam balm of their capacity. Therapeutic herbs will also be abundant and diverse but Vietnam has yet to help you to reply the queries which kind of medicinal herbs to prioritise and of which portion of pharmaceutical items to focus. Solution is quite helpful for colds  rheumatism, Tricky Breath, headaches, painful bones.

Add a minor Golden Legend Product in a serving with boiling water for inhalation while in the cure of colds and virus. Not recommended under three years, not within the attention, not employ on available injuries or even to the chest during lactation. There is 1 trademark of wording SAO Wonderful superstar Balm VANG WONDERFUL STAR AROMATIC BALM S.R VIETNAM Fundamental No 3 Danang - Vietnam, 1 registerred. Fantastic Star Balm, also known as Cao Sao Vang is made of essential oils Menthol, like Camphor , Peppermint, Cajuput.